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Title: Masturbation Voyeur

I love masturbating while being watched. What I really like is when I am being watched from start to finish by a guy standing in another room or outside my window. The following sequence started as I was living with a striking 5-11, 145 lbs, 34-30-32 aerobics instructor. My roomie had the upstairs bedroom, which faced the busy street on which we lived. As our time together evolved, I started to sneak upstairs to masturbate on her bed (with all lights out) nearly every time she left (it was about 50 50 as to whether I eventually shot my cum on her bed or on myself, her mirror, a window, or our large porch). I would eventually do this with the curtains strategically opened to the public while watching myself in her expansive mirror. It wasn't too long until I discovered her delicates (bras, panties, aerobic outfits, and make-up). However, by far the most stimulating item I discovered was the 9" purple vibrator she had received from her bi-sexual female lover. Almost as a ritual every Saturday I would anxiously wait until "Sue" left for her evening's entertainment. After I was sure she was gone for the duration, I would browse through some magazines downstairs, all the time lightly stroking my penis, and then having made sure all the lights were out I would tip-toe upstairs to her bedroom. Once there I felt as if I was in a forbidden heaven. I would slowly lay out some of Sue's most revealing lingerie and aerobic outfits. Once I had selected what feminine attire I wanted to wear while masturbating, I would sit on the stool in front of her mirror and begin to apply her sluttiest make-up. I would first apply some "fire-engine-red" lip gloss, as I felt nastiest when I saw my lips brilliantly toned. At this point I would start to slowly drape the panties I'd laid out over my face, trying to recapture the first time I had done so. That time I evidently had selected one of Sue's unwashed pairs; in so doing I was treated to the grandest of aromatic mixtures from Sue's private areas. There were still copious amounts of her scents occupying the crotch area of her lace panties. Anyway, after running my face over these items, I would turn toward her bedroom mirror and slowly slip them on, wiggling and matching our parts until they seemed a perfect fit (it helped that Sue and I were nearly a perfect match). After I had slipped on her panties I would stand facing the mirror wearing my rommies' makeup and panties. This was immediately prior to spending several minutes putting on one of Sue's bras and adjusting it so as to always inspire my penis to rise above the level at which her panties stopped. This sequence usually led to the running of my hands over my body while imagining that some other person was stroking this erotically attired "slut." After several minutes of massage I would slowly start to open the curtains that faced our busy street. In a matter of weeks I was putting on more and more of Sue's clothing, only to be able to slowly strip in front of an ever widening set of curtains. I wasn't simply staying at home during this time. I would always go out on Friday night (which I still think is the wildest of nights). It was about 40 percent to 60 percent as to whether I would be able to convince someone to come home with me. On the Saturday after a "miss" I would be especially anxious for what Saturday night would bring. One Saturday, after a frustrating Friday, I went to the bars anyway. I was feeling exceptionally horny but decided to leave around 12:30, hit the bookstore, and then home for a marathon stroke session (some of my sessions would last 3-4 hours). I had discovered the "secret" that the longer you are able to remain excited, without squirting, the more sperm that can be expected to fly when its finally released (and, I had also discovered that prolonging my orgasm was the best way to have multiples; I eventually had 4 separate and distinct squirt-sessions -- nearly simultaneously -- this way). Anyway, about half way home I noticed that a car had been following me for some time. Accordingly, I made sure that I signaled so as to ensure it could follow me home. As I got home the trailing car slowed, but kept going straight past our house. I watched as it turned several blocks afterwards. Thinking this might be fun, I rushed inside. Sue was not home and I quickly slipped into one of her bras, a pair of her panties, and one of her thong-styled aerobic singlets. Turning out all my lights, except for one in the distant background (just enough to outline someone in the dark) I also opened several curtains to the point where someone desiring to see me in Sue's bedroom would not be too obstructed, yet the curtains would not seem provocative. I was soon rewarded as I saw the car again slow down in front of the house, only this time really slow, and proceed only two blocks before turning. During the interval I began caressing myself while watching myself and where I expected the car to park. It wasn't more than five minutes until I noticed a shadow pull-up and park on the side street so as to be able to see into both Sue's room and our living room. As I recognized the car, my penis seemed to immediately spring up another inch and I immediately felt it slip from under the elastic band of Sue's panties. The person in the car initially simply sat and watched. While trying to act as if I was oblivious to another presence, I eventually increased my stroking and striping. I was quickly kneeling on Sue's bed and had let both an aerobic strap as well as a bra strap fall off one of my shoulders. Soon I was wanting to see how my tightly attired butt looked and was holding a mirror up while bending, twisting, and squatting so as to accentuate my ass. During this sequence I often left Sue's room and wiggled to a secluded portion of the house (however, to do so I first had to saunter through the slightly better lit living room). Eventually, as I was returning to the bedroom I noticed the unmistakable figure of a male exiting the parked car. Accordingly, as I had partially opened the front inside door I proceeded to Sue's room and slowly eased out the large (12") strap-on I had just put on in the bathroom. I would bet that in the dim light few, if any, could tell it was not actually my penis, but instead a plastic addition. I had by this time let down my other aerobic strap (it probably looked as if I was a semi-kinky male stroking my rock hard penis in front of my bedroom mirror, at least I hoped). I really got into stroking my plastic penis. I would squat and stroke, buck my hips and do my hand, and even let the realistic dick sway in the darkness, as I fueled its movement with my hips and ass. Eventually I heard a very soft knocking at my door. Sensing it was my visitor, I acted modest and put on a long shirt and pulled it across my then stuffed bra. As I arrived at the door, I saw a fairly cute, thin, tanned male standing sheepishly outside the still locked screen. In my softest non-threatening voice I greeted my voyeur, "Hello, what brings you here so late this evening?" His response assured me that opening the screen door was the only option I desired to contemplate, "A shimmering body in the night." Dispensing with the incidentals, I was soon finishing my striptease in front of a deeply tanned male who was by then wearing nothing except for a, surprising (but appreciated) jock-strap. Soon we were both bare, kneeling on Sue's bed and stroking our dicks in front of each other. I had explained my guidelines (no touching, none of his semen on me, as much of mine anywhere he directed) and he seemed to become enthused at the parameters. Finally as we finished standing in front of Sue's mirror, slowly stroking our penis,' "showing them" - inch by inch - to each other; both propping ourselves up on pillows and watching as we each slid either a 12' dildo or a 9" vibrator in and out of our ass or made our dicks dance to and fro as we tensed and released our pelvic plateaus, we decided to conclude what had been nearly two hours' worth of erotic teasing. At my midnight masturbation partner's request, we stood in front of the mirror looking at each other with our hard cocks and vibs in our asses. He laid down on the floor in front of me and put his legs up in the air so facing the mirror so I could see his ass. The sight was enough to cause my dick to immediately begin to swell and start pumping out huge streams of a much more gooey substance. As my penis was ejaculating splatters (and I mean lots) of fresh sperm onto the bridge of my masturbation partner's nose, forehead, he soon began to thrust his hips and shot an incredible amount of cum into his open mouth. As he neared the end of his shots he took both hands and began to smear his and my cum over his face, hair, and chest. He ended up a glorious mess of gooey sex. True to his word, he quickly showered and was out the door without spending too much time trying to arrange a return encounter. However, as I would eventually come to realize (and revel in) he became nearly a weekly voyeur outside my windows (though never again inside) as I stroked myself to dozens of the largest ejaculations I can remember.

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