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Title: Caught By GF Father

I was 18, a Freshemn in College at the Univeristy of Maine. I went home with my girlfriend of two months to her parents house. Carrie was a very attractive read head that always had to have a cock in her mouth or ass or pussy.I was there for maybe an hour and asked to use her bathroom. Her Mother was so hot, nice body nice very large breasts and not afraidn to flirt with me. There I was taking a leake and reaching over at the same time to peak in the hamper. I saw her panties lying there on top, with a nice little yellow stain on them, they wear nylon and lace, white briefs. I was so excited to hopefully pick them up and sniff them. I sat on the toilet and and started to sniff them, when the door opened, it was her father. He looked at me and said oh, sorry, to interupt you. I came out of the bathroom and tried to act like nothign had happened. Dave says, " Mike why do not you and I go to the Grocery store and get some steaks for tonight." I said sure, we got in the truck and I said nothing. I was so embarrassed, I just apologized to him. He said that is ok, why do not you move closer to me, in the middle of the seat. I moved closer, the windows were tinted I was really nervious. The said let me see your hand, we pulled over a short ways down the road. He was a nice looking corporate type of a man. Very handsome and strong, He asked if I liked to go 4 wheeling, I said sure. He put my hand on his bulge, I pulled it away quickly, I had never been with a man up to this point. Well here we go I thought, There is nothing I can do. I am 6'3 210 and 9" cut, I have a really nice dick and never had a problem to get more than enough pussy. I just never had cock. He stopped the truck in the woods, and kind of turned to me, and asked if I have ever sucked a cock. I said no, then he said you are about to learn son. He took my hands and placed them on his belt and said go ahead, undo my pants, So I popeed the button flys, and to my dispear, he was wearing Vanity fair pink briefs, with a huge bulg in them. Dave pulled on leg asid to let his cock head pop out, then told me to pull his pants off. I did to his ankles, and then he just forced me to suck his cock, calling me a panty sissy and really bad names for smelling my girlfriends mothers cunt stain on her panties. He said waite until I tell her about catching you. I said please do not tell her, I thought about my gf fininding out and telling everyone at college etc. I was totally mortified. He just keep stuffing his cock in and out of my mouth like I was some fucking object, He was just ready to cum and he stopped me. He would not even touch my cock. well we finsihed 4 wheeling and then went shoping, we got home and Diane asked what took so long, Dave said, oh well ya know, just showed Mike around the area. From there we ate dinner and hung out and watched a movie. I went to bed after fucking around with my gf. I was in the bathroom down stairs, her mother comes in and does nto even knock, I was in my under wear, and brushing my teeth, she shut the door and teld me to turn around. I did, I did not know any better at the time. I turned my back to her as she opend her robe and took off her panties and gave them to me. She said her puts these on, Dave told me you like to suck cock and smell my panties, so I would like you to wear them tonight. I started to get really nervious, as she touched my shoulder and turned me around her robe was open with her huge D tits and a little scar from giving birth on stomach, and sexy satin full briefs with lace. She put both hands in my belt line and pulled my underwear off, she bent down to make sure they got off my feet, and when she did that she looked up and snagged the panties from my hand, and told me to lift my foot, and then the other. She started to pull them up then, she just took my cock in her mouth, and started to suck it very gently. It was the weirdest thing I have ever ever been through HOneslty. She was sucking my dick and telling me that she knows I sucked Daves cock today, becuase she cold smell my saliva on his panties and cock. She stopped and told me to turn around, Hiked up the panties, took of her bra, told me to put my arms out and then she fastended the bra. She put her robe on me and brought me to her daughters room. Diane opened the door and Carrie was on her knees on the floor with her back to us, her father sitting on the edge of the bed, with his head looking at Carrie suck his cock, and he had on his panties and nighty. I could not believe what I was seeing, it was so soreal, his hand was on Carries head as she moved it back and forth on her fathers cock. Dave was sayign what a good little girl you are Carrie making your Daddy happy, Diane just sat there and said your next honey. From that Dave grabbed Carrie's head stopped her and said make room for mike honey. She turned around and was shocked to me standing there in a slightly open roabe with her mother with panties on and no bra. her mother walked me over to Dave and said here is the son you always wanted honey. She pushed on my shoulder and made me kneel down and told carrie to grab dadys cock and put it into mikes mouth. From there I sucked his cock as Diane put one leg on the bed and pulled carried to her pussy and carrie pulled her panties aside and just started to eat out her own mother. I was amazed, her father stopped me, bent me over the bed, as mom handed her dad some lube and fucked my ass until he came in it really really hard. I could not go to the bathroom correctly for days after. He held my head down and put his hand on the small of my back, and made look at Carrie, 69ing her mother. After he fucked me, he told carrie and Diane to suck my cock together, as I laid there on my back wearing panties, and a bra with a girl that I just met two months ago, watching her mother suck my cock, and holding the back of her daighters head while she sucked my cock, and her fater then sitting on my face telling me to lick his ass, and it was a furry ass too. Dave mounted his daughter, and started to fuck her while she sucked my cock as his mother then sat on my face, I cmae in Carries mouth so hard that it came out and she gagged, Her father then stopped fucking put her on her knees, as Dian got off my face lifted me up from the back of my kneck and said wwatch this panty boy, Carrie was there with a faint light behind her, mouth open and being face fucked by her dad, he was holding her red hair as I could see his huge cock go in and out of her mouth. he had both hands on her head, then he pulled out after 20 minutes and came all over her face, she was wimepering and crying a little, Dave told her to put her face to mine and he made me lick it off. we all slept in the same bed with me to find Daves cock in my ass in the morning, it hurt like there was no tomorrw, as he jsut fucked me and fucked me. this is an honest true story, For the next 4 years, it was very strange, I have more to write, You can enjoy or not, personally I look back at the whole thing, and enjoy some of it

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