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Title: Evolved To A Bi CD

I have been a CD now for over 40 yrs I am 55yo now. Since I started with my sister's lingerie I knew instantly that wearing lace undewires and pantygirdles was going to be something I always would do, what I was not prepared for was how much more there was and how much I would love it.
I was busted by my mom the first week because when I returned my sisters pantygirdle to the laundry it had some stains where young women do not leave stains. So despite my denials my mother made me promise to not wear my sister's things.

Soon I was quite desperate to play dressup again. In my 14yo mind I reasoned that I had not promised "to not wear my mother's bras and panties". She had a dresser drawer full of lingerie and in it I discovered a black garterbelt, coffee colored stockings and a black taffeta slip that fit me as well.

Her brassieres had C cups which did not fit me so well, but with a slip over it I still felt so sexy. Having a garterbelt tug on my stockings and a slip swishing around my thighs caused me to almost faint the first time I was so dressed.

I was in bed dressed in my mom's things when she came into my bedroom early one evening and asked me quietly if I knew where her slip (I must have picked her best one no doubt) and garterbelt were. I could not look her in the face and she knew. She pulled back the covers and there was her son in her bra with gartered stockings pantygirdle and slip.

To her credit she didn't scream or call me names but she did make me get out of bed and strip thus seeing my erection waving at her. I went back to bed and nothing more was said about it. although i was sure i would die from the humiliation of it.

My mother's best friend was a mental health professional at Vanderbilt College in Nashville Tenn. where we lived at the time. My mother asked her friend what she (my mom) could do to help me. Her friend told her she should get me my own things and forget about it. I was very lucky, and didn't know until later who had told my mom to shop for me.

I came home from school several days later to find on my bed a shopping bag from J C Penny's with a new lacecup underwire bra (the same size as my sister's 36B) and a pantygirdle and a slip the same size as my mom's all black.

My mom had seen that her bra was to large 36C so she got me one like my sister's. It fit me like I had been measured for it, my little boy titties filling the cups and shaping me into a teen girls bust. The slip was also black with a lace bodice and the pantygirdle had lace at the legs like my sisters. My mom had seen that hers fit me perfectly so she got me her size slip and LLPG.

My mother had me strip and put my arms thru the straps and fastened the bra around me and I got such an erection that I blushed red. She then knew how I was affected by wearing lingerie. She saw the fit was perfect and she cut the tags off. Much as she would have done for a daughter. I didn't realize it at the time but the act of being put into a bra by a woman is the only thing sexier than just wearing a bra.

After I was dressed in my new lingerie she made me promise to not wear it out of the house (more protecting me) and to not let my father see me dressed in lingerie.

My father went to bed almost every night at 9PM. My mother was in heart failure almost my whole life so one activity we did together was watch TV, especially late at night. We would share the sofa and watch "The Tonight Show" first Steve Allen then Johnny Carson until I moved away after I graduated from HS. I felt so loved and accepted wearing my own bra and LLPG, sometimes under my robe I also would wear my slip. The only thing that ever happened was once my mom saw how excited my nipples got and she teased me and said I had breasts like a girl.

I appearently was a prime candidate to become a sissy for some dominant woman, perhaps unconsciously I went and found just the right woman to fall in love with, and my X was very dominant.

I had been married for 3 yrs and I must have shown some overt signs of being a CD to her. Perhaps she had detected that I would occationally wear her bras and panties. She is a mining engineer (male dominated career) with a huge salery and besides being beautiful she is tall and athletic being a superb rider and horse trainer. She is tall enough and strong enough that she could wear my shirts, and her bras fit me, she at that time wore a 38B, and at the time I was 6'1" and 195lbs.

One Sat morning she announced very early she was going shopping and would be gone for 4 hrs. I was still in bed. I saw in the wastebasket in our bedroom she had discarded 2 bras. Both were underwires with sheer unlined lace cups, one black and one nude. I noticed she had worn them and they smelled of her sweet smell of young woman and perfume.

I removed my shorts and placed my arms thru the straps of the nude one. I got it fastened (like I used to see my mom) and then arranged my self to fill the cups and I got back in bed with a huge erection. I was thinking about how sexy it felt and was getting close to an orgasm when I heard something and looked up to see my wife standing in the doorway watching me. I didn't know what to do or say, but I started to remove the bra.

She stopped me and told me since I was going to be wearing a bra I needed to wear a gartebelt and stockings also. She made me put hers on in front of her and then she told me that the bra I was wearing fit me better than her, and that I better do exactly what she said. I had an erection but she wanted to be orally serviced. I enjoyed doing that, but after a long time she said she was going to show me how it felt to be a woman and that as of then I was her sissy sex toy.

My X was very sexual and had many dildos when we were married. She got out of bed went into the pantry (small house) and cut some 3 feet of pink ribbon. Then as she tied it around my erection and balls, and then she asked me if I was going to be good and mind her.

She placed several dildos on the bed and told me to pick one. I picked the smallest which was still as large as me. She lubed it up with KY in front of my face and told me to get on the bed on my hands and knees.

As she started to tease me with it she told me I was now her "sissyboytoy" and I had better mind her or she would "get after me with her 14" dildo". Soon she had me penetrated with her dildo, and she told me to lay on my tummy in the middle of the bed. She told me to hold it in me and she had me continue giving her oral service until she gushed wetting the sheet with her juices as she orgasmed.

Then she let me enter her while I was still penetrated and I came very quickly as I was just dripping wet with excitment. This was to be our new model for sex for the next few months. Not always with me being penetrated, but me always in a bra and stockings, and sometimes spanked. Often she would have me wearing her bras and panties when we would go out shopping or to dinner. And I always slept in a bra and panties or LLPG.

Our marriage was doomed, not from lack of sex, and not because of any type of abuse, (lord knows I was loving it) but because of career differances. She needed/wanted to travel around the world and US to avail herself of opportunities as a mining engineer. I was on a municiple fire dept and would not quit. We had a tele marriage for a while and I was commuting several hundred miles a week.

After 6 months of this she made a decison about our marriage. We would get divorced. At this time I was trying desperately to hang on to her, and I would have done absolutely anything. She announced that until we were divorced I could still sleep with her, but not penetrate her any more.

The new model for sex was this: I had to wear a bra and panties all the time I was at home. I could not masterbate without her being present. When she wanted me she would penetrate me with an 8" strap on she had purchased just for me. She would often tell me what a cute sissy I was while penetrating me and playing with my erect nipples, until I would climax without any stimulation of my penis. Other times she would have me service her orally until she was satisfied, sometimes she would use a dildo while I was doing it. When she would let me masterbate while she watched and told me I was her good little sissyboy.

After I had resigned myself to not penetrating her any more, the next step was more bizzare and equally humiliating. I would be dressed up in lingerie IE bra panties garterbelt/stockings slip and heels only now she had me totally shaved and I was wearing makeup and earrings (she threatened to have my ears pierced). Then she would go out with men she knew from work in the mining town we lived in. Most were married and she was only "entertaining herself".

She would have sex with some man (I was never allowed to see them) and she would come home and have me lick and suck her vagina while telling me how big his penis was, etc. And how did his cum taste. Then she might penetrate me or she would have me masterbate in front of her while telling me I was a cute sissy. And did I want to suck a cock to please her. Then we would sleep together me in a bra and panties at least and her usually naked.

After much thought I have come to the conclusion that she wanted me dressed to make sure I stayed home and didn't come looking for her while she was out with other men. I have come to that conclusion because of 2 reasons. One is she was very smart, knowing that her control over me was total, and that it was a good way to keep me safe from confrontation. And the other is after she started dating she also started to have one of her girlfriends come to the house while she was out.

Her girlfriend would make sure I was totally dressed and with my makeup on. I was told to open the door and stand in plain sight, then she would come in and tell me how pretty I looked, and say things that made me feel like a sissy. One night her girlfriend asked me if I wanted to have sex with her. I would have enjoyed it as she was quite petite and pretty, but I was afraid she would tell my soon to be X and I would be further cut off. To bad she just didn't tell me so get on my knees and lick her sweet little ass.

That is how I came to be so submissive and learned to enjoy being penetrated. I have never remarried as I would never be satisfied with a plain vanilla arrangement again. Also I have now been with several men and not only been penetrated by them, but I have gone all the way and given oral service to men. So I am now a real sissy bitch, and I have been covered with cum and swallowed cum, not to mention having my sissy ass filled with cum

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